A Coccygodenia describes pain in the region of the os sacrum.

This kind of pain appears during sitting in most of the cases.

An X-ray examination can recently show a fracture of the os sacrum. Many people do not feel any pain even if they have a fracture.

But in most of the cases the pain is sever and the patient suffers a lot which sometimes pushes the patient to an operational resection of the os sacrum. The positive effect of this procedures is evaluated very critically.

It is much easier to infiltrate the regarding ganglion which can lead to a long lasting improvement. We can perform this procedure in our ambulance

Starke Therapieempfehlung:

- explain the disease

- Multimodal therapy = combination of relaxation and / or cognitive behavioral therapy with endurance training

- Low to moderate dosed endurance training or

- Functional training (can be made for 2 years) or

- low-dose strength training combined with stretching exercises or

- Tai Chi or Qi Gong or Yoga