Laser disk surgery (PLDD)

Nadel mit Laserfaser

Nadel mit Laserfaser

Laser therapy

Operation of a slipped disk (PLDD)

Percutaneous Laser Disk Decompression (Sclerotherapy)

With the help of an X-ray the surgeon inserts a thin needle into the intervertebral disk. Due to the administration of analgetics the entire intervention is nearly pain free. By the help of the needle the surgeon can then insert a glass fiber which carries a laser. The slipped disk can then be vaporized by a laser.

If the conservative therapy is not enough this procedure is a good alternative for some kinds of slipped disks. In comparison to a microsurgical intervention there won’t be any kind of scar formation.

The operation takes about 15 min. and will be performed with the help of local anesthetics.

Needle in the thoracic spine

to be seen the lasered ares


Atrophy of a facette

2 dünne Nadeln werden an den Gelenkspalt geführt

2 thin needles are guided to the joint space

The surgeon will insert a very small needle into the painful joint and will be guided by an X-Ray control. With the help of the needle where a small laser fiber can be inserted the surgeon can now desolate the nerve which causes the pain.

This intervention takes about 115min. and will be performed with local anesthetics


As always the correct Indication is very important for a good outcome. Not every slipped disk can be treated with a laser. The main aim is to vaporize the slipped disk but to obtain the fibrous ring around the intervertebral disk.

The side effects or complications which could arise are much less compared to a microsurgical intervention. The stay in the hospital will me maximally 1 day and you can get back to work very soon. Another positive aspect is that we won’t need a general anesthetic.