Pain Therapy as Passion

Who once suffered strong pain does not want to experience them never more. This induces the importance of recognising pain, to diagnose it and to find a good possibility of treatment. Otherwise there will be the risk of a chronicity and a severe loss of quality of life.

Due to the good cooperation between Prof. Schönmayr and Dr. Petermeyer with his two consultant certifications and the purposeful further education in neurosurgery, pain therapy and psychosomatic medicine our way and supply of treatment is nearly unique. You are more than welcome to benefit out of this!

Located in Diez we are recognized as regional pain centre Diez by the german association for pain therapy.

Based on our wide ranged offer of therapies where no Operation is needed we are able to treat patients successfully without the need of an operation.

We are looking forward for your visit.

Dr. med. Michael Petermeyer und Team

Consultant of neurosurgery, anesthesia and pain therapy, Algesiologist DGS

Head of the regional pain centre Diez DGS

Tel.: 06432 6452740

“For a surgeon a bad outcome turns into a personal responsibility in an advanced sense.

This burden gets bearable due to conscientiousness for the creation of an indication as well as the control over his skills and an entitled self confidence.

At least his prime support is the Truthfulness.

A surgeon who tries to apologize for his failures or to quibble violates against the most noble law of his profession.”

Ferdinand Sauerbruch