our Paincenter

Dr. med. Michael Petermeyer

- Specialist in neurosurgery and anesthesiology

- Head of the regional pain center diez of the DGS

- pain therapy

- Basic psychosomatic care

- Algesiologist DGS

- SeaCloud doctor

- Member of the German Society of Pain Therapy

- Medical specialist cave rescue association Germany

- Member of the Society for Maritime Medicine

- Expedition doctor (cave and mountain)

- Teacher: Prof. Bertalanffy, Prof. Sure

- Member of the Academie Kloster Eberbach

Curriculum vitae

Tarek Nabhan

Personal Data

Date of Birth: 25. December 1974 in Damascus, Syria
Family status: Married and a father of 3 children

Special Experience

• Brain tumors
• Complex spine surgery
• Neuromodulation (Spinal cord stimulation and intrathecal pump therapy)
• Pain therapy
• Extended surgical experience in Neurotraumatology

Current position

Consultant Neurosurgeon Lilium Clinic Wiesbaden

Director of spine surgery and pain therapy center
Adelheidstreet 2, 65582 Diez Germany


• Spinal cord tumours
• Endoscopic surgery and Facett Denervation
• Traumatic and spontaneous cerebral hemorrhages
• Accidental injuries of the head and spine
• Microsurgical disc herniation and bony dilation of tight structures
• Implantation of disc prostheses
• navigated computer assisted placement of dynamic and rigid spinal fusions - spine fixation / stabilization
• Operational stabilization of primary and secondary spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis by implantation of screw rod systems

Prof. Dr. med. Robert Schönmayr

- Specialist in neurosurgery

- longstanding chief physician at the HSK Wiesbaden

More Information

regionales Schmerzzentrum Diez DGS
Dr. med. Michael Petermeyer
Adelheidstr. 2
D- 65582 Diez

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Fax.: 06432 645274 14

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Internet: www.Rueckenzentrum-Diez.de






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You can find us directly at the DRK hospital in Diez. The practice is located directly at the parking lot in the medical center.