A vertebral disk protusion can occour when a vertebral body displaced from its original position, especially in comparison to the other vertebral bodies. Therefor the vertebral bodies do not form a straight line anymore.

A vertebral disk protusion can lead to a narrowing of the vertebral channel which could lead to walking disorders and pain.


In most of the cases the protusion appears due to the attrition of the vertebral bodies or the joint structures which leads to a loosening of the bodies.

In the following the protusion may lead to a narrowing of the vertebral channel.

In some cases there are congenital clefts in the vertebral arches which could cause some problems within the life. This disease is called Sponylolistesis or lytic protusion.


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In some cases the protusion can stiff spontaneously but mostly an operational intervention is necessary.

If it comes to an operation it is important to create the correct indication. For this we use the neurologic report as well as the pain evaluation. Only if it comes to neurologic deficiencies there is an absolute indication for an operation. Otherwise we will try to use all our conservative treatment options to recover the quality of life. The experience showed that patients who suffer from a chronic pain syndrome do not profit from an operational intervention.


If the pain therapy should fail we can offer an operational intervention to stiff the segment. This procedure is normally done by Prof. Schönmayr and Dr. Petermeyer.