Nerv block

ultraschallgesteuerte Injektion

ultraschallgesteuerte Injektion

Ultrasonic guided injections

If the pain radiates from the nerve root it is possible to treat the pain directly at the place of its origin with the help of a special mixture of pain medicaments. Therefor a very thin needle gets applied in close relation to the affected nerve with the help of an X- ray control. Afterwards the drugs get applied and the pain gets eliminated.

Application area:

Radiating back pain at the entire vertebra

Neck and occipital headache

Intercostal neuralgias at the thoracic spine

Treatment of failed- back syndromes which could appear after an slipped disk operation

Peripheral neve syndromes


The Intervention can be done at the ambulance and takes about 10 minutes. With the help of an exact X- ray control the surgeon will inject depot- cortisole and a local anesthetic which blocks the inflammatory reaction

Important information:

Depending on the manifestation of the disease this procedure is characterized by a very high degree of positive results.

In most of the cases the pain relief or the complete absence of pain lasts up to several month

As more often the nerve block procedure gets applied as more successful is the treatment

It is possible to combine this kind of procedure with other treatments

In some cases it could occur that the muscles of the affected area get weakened for approximately one hour.

Facette blockade

2 dünne Nadeln werden an den Gelenkspalt geführt

2 thin needles are guided to the joint space

In this procedure, we try to treat joints and their capsules. We can find 52 joints at the vertebra and every single one can cause pain. Just think about a sprained finger which hurts for several weeks. The same applies for the vertebra.

A differential diagnosis must be done before each treatment especially to evaluate the character of the back pain and its triggers.

Backpain at the entire vertebra (Facette syndrome)

Neck and occipital headache

Treatment of failed- back syndromes which could appear after an slipped disk operation

Peripheral neve syndromes

Crest and pain in the iliosacral joint


The procedure is outpatient and takes 10-20 minutes depending on the number of joints to be treated. A depot cortisone and a local anesthetic are injected under X-ray control. The effect is usually noticeable after just 30 minutes.

Sacral block, peridural block

I fit comes to a peridural or scral block the surgeon infiltrates and floods the nerve root in the area of the lower lumbal spine. With the help of a small entrance the surgeon will place a small canula or catheter in close relation to the dural sack through which an anesthetic gets applied.

We try to block the lower lumbal and sacral nerve roots which can be irritated after an slipped disk or a stenosis. The pain and the swelling need to be reduced. Empirically we have a succeed rate of 60- 70%. It is necessary to perform 6- 12 injections in alternating periods.

We must monitor the patient after the injection for about 30 minutes. During this time we need to observe the pulse- rate, the Oxygen concentration in the blood or sometimes an electrocardiogram. In rare cases the injection of an infusion is necessary.

Because the patient experiences a very strong pain therapy numbness or weakness in the lower extremities could occur this is why we would like to monitor you in our medical office. Empirically this effect decreases after 3 hours.